League of Legends Champion Synergy: Seraphine and Ashe

April 23, 2021

When it comes to Seraphine and Ashe, CC (Crowd Control) chaining is the name of their game. This duo has an incredibly oppressive laning phase through their relentless poke and sustain, before transitioning into team fights with a lot of CC and engage potential. 


During the laning phase, Seraphine and Ashe’s strongest combo starts with Ashe landing her passive slow (Frost Shot) through her Volley (W) or basic attacks. Seraphine can then follow this up with her Beat Drop (E), which will root the target if they are already slowed. This allows Seraphine to CC a target without needing to use her passive, which can instead be used to land two High Notes (Q) on the rooted target to maximise the damage output. 

Moving out of the laning phase, Seraphine and Ashe have excellent pick potential with their ults: Ashe can engage from a long-range using her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, which can be followed up with Seraphine’s Encore for a lethal CC chain. Considering Encore’s range extends for each ally and champion it hits, it can also be used on a stunned target for a guaranteed range extension and to catch an unsuspecting target behind them. 

During team fights, Ashe will be able to apply her passive slow to the majority of the team through the AoE spread of her Volley, allowing Seraphine an easy opportunity to root an enemy with her Beat Drop. 

One of Ashe’s biggest weaknesses is her lack of mobility, which renders her extremely vulnerable to assassins and bruisers. However, Seraphine can compensate for this through her ability to peel and protect. During team fights, time your abilities to ensure the passive is being used for her Surround Sound (W) to provide Ashe with movement speed, a strong shield, and a heal increasing with her missing health. 

Runes and Key Items 

For Seraphine, opting for Guardian as your keystone rune would provide yet another source of protection for Ashe, while Font of Life would ensure your CC-based trades during the laning phase would result in a greater health advantage for Ashe. Meanwhile, Ashe benefits from Approach Velocity due to this duo’s focus on movement impairment, allowing Ashe to quickly access the targets she or Seraphine have slowed. 

ADCs are unlikely to pivot their item build to accommodate for their support, but there are some key support items for Seraphine to purchase when playing this duo. Moonstone Renewer is very easy to proc as Seraphine and provides an additional layer of protection for the vulnerable Ashe, while Ardent Censer can be bought if your Ashe is ahead, and you are looking to quickly close out the game by enhancing your Ashe’s auto attacks. Mikael’s Blessing is an excellent counter to any champions with hard CC looking to isolate and blow up your Ashe, such as Leona, Varus or Morgana, and also provides 20% heal and shield power to further increase the power of your Surround Sound and Moonstone Renewer. 

In summary, Seraphine and Ashe complement each other through their efficient and effective CC chaining at every stage of the game, and Seraphine provides excellent protection for the vulnerable and immobile Ashe.


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