Jhin and Yuumi's Magic Champion Synergy

Jhin and Yuumi's Magic Champion Synergy

This bot lane duo can chip away at enemies from afar and pull off a deceptively powerful CC chain; let’s break it down.


Jhin is one of the most unique ADCs in League due to his passive: he is limited to 4 basic attacks before having to reload for a few seconds, with the 4th shot dealing increased damage and granting Jhin some movement speed. Therefore, learning to manage your ammo is essential as you don’t want to miss out on farm by failing to have any ammo.

Thankfully, Jhin’s Q is pretty good at killing minions as its bounce effects makes it great for finishing off minions and pushing out waves. Jhin’s E can also be used for wave management due to its AoE damage and slowing effect, or can be placed in brushes to spot out the enemy support or jungler.

Meanwhile, Yuumi’s primary goal is to heal allies with her E. However, this ability costs a ton of mana to use so it’s important to proc your passive to restore mana as much as possible. Considering this forces you to detach from your ally to basic attack the enemy, it’s essential you track the enemy’s hard CC and only detach yourself when the enemy’s CC is on cooldown.


Jhin and Yuumi have great synergy due to their ability to CC enemies from long distance. Yuumi’s Q can be cast while she is attached to Jhin and is pretty easy to land given you have full control over its trajectory. If you land her Q on the enemy bot lane, Jhin can follow up with his W to root the enemy and follow up with basic attacks and his Q for a good trade.

Additionally, Yuumi’s W provides adaptive stats for her and the ally she is attached to; the amount of stats gained is based on her ally’s AD or AP. Jhin’s passive means he prioritises AD from items rather than attack speed, so Yuumi will gain lots of AP when she’s attached to Jhin and also increase his AD drastically.

One of Jhin’s weaknesses is his lack of mobility, but Yuumi can compensate for this weakness with her ultimate. Whenever Jhin is under threat from nearby enemies, Yuumi can pop her ultimate to root them and keep Jhin safe.

Runes and Items

Jhin’s keystone is pretty versatile. Fleet Footwork provides another burst of movement speed alongside Jhin’s 4th basic attack, while Dark Harvest increases the execute potential of Jhin’s 4th shot. Eyeball Collection is another great rune due to the amount of raw AD it provides, something Jhin values a little more than other ADCs.

Galeforce is a great mythic item for Jhin, as it provides Jhin with a much needed escape tool or a way to get in range of enemies and land a powerful basic attack. The Collector is another fantastic item due to the execute effect increasing the execute potential of his 4th shot, while Rapidfire Cannon increases Jhin’s attack range and his ability to cycle through his basic attacks.

Summon Aery is Yuumi’s best keystone, as it increases her poke damage and allows her W to proc Moonstone Renewer. Moonstone is an excellent Mythic item for Yuumi considering it can be procced by all her abilities and the bonus heal/shield power means her E can heal for an incredible amount.

Presence Of Mind is another essential rune due to how much mana her E costs, while Cut Down will proc on most enemies given how little health Yuumi has. Yuumi spends so much time attached to her allies so doesn’t need to buy boots. Therefore, other enchanter items like Chemtech Putrifier and Redemption can be completed quicker than other enchanters.


Jhin and Yuumi’s synergy revolves around their ability to CC enemies with Yuumi’s Q and Jhin’s W, and how much additional AD Yuumi can provide to Jhin. Yuumi can also help protect the vulnerable Jhin with her peeling ultimate and consistent heals, allowing Jhin to shred through the enemy team.

-Rilea (Twitter)

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