How To: Out Of Game Improvement

August 16, 2021

How To - Out Of Game Improvement

With a game as complex and intricate as League, there are many things outside of the game you can be doing to ensure you are playing at your peak level every time you load onto the rift.

Pro Play and Streams

League has a thriving eSports and streaming scene, and with that comes a fountain of knowledge and expertise to learn from. Taking the time to watch competitive matches or your favourite pro stream can dramatically help your gameplay, as you can learn what champions are strong in the current meta, mechanical combos and tips for each champion, and information about macro plays.

Try to be an active viewer while watching, and make a concentrated effort to watch the games rather than enjoying it passively. Casters and pros often take the time to meticulously explain plays and why something did or didn’t work, and this level of insight can be incredibly valuable to apply to your own games; it’s one thing to look at and appreciate an amazing play, and another to understand why it was successful.

Physical health

Despite being gamers and dreading the thought of going outside, looking after your physical health is becoming increasingly important when it comes to gaming. You don’t need to participate in the most intense exercise unless you want to, but making sure you stretch in between your games, going for walks, and eating healthy foods can make you feel a lot better while gaming.

Given how strenuous League can be on your hands and fingers, taking a couple of minutes before and after a gaming session to stretch out your wrists and fingers to prevent any medical issues in the long run. You could also consider investing in some compression gloves to wear while playing.


Winning in League hinges upon your mental game as much as your mechanics and macro plays. Therefore, it’s important to have a good attitude when you queue up for the Rift. Go into games with the goal to improve your performance; wins come and go, but your form and skill are consistent and the key to climbing. In addition, make sure you avoid playing when you are in a bad mood or are tilted from previous games, as this will only hinder your performance.


Taking the time outside of the game to work on your physical and mental health, as well as studying how the best of the best play can dramatically improve your in-game abilities; there’s so much to the game than just what you do on the Rift!


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