Halo Infinite Season 2 Drop: Everything You Need to Know

Halo Infinite Season 2 Drop: Everything You Need to Know

Halo Infinite Lone Wolves just dropped with two new maps, tons of new game modes, a new battle pass, and more. Players are strapped in with the new season for six months and 343 Industries is trying to offer a fresh experience for everyone with balance changes. The new season went live on May 3 and it will be live until November 7. Here is everything you need to know about Halo Infinite Season 2 ‘Lone Wolves.’

New Maps - Catalyst and Breaker

The highlight of the season is the addition of two new maps in Halo Infinite Season 2. One of the maps is designed specifically for Arena combat while the other is for Big Team Battle. Catalyst is the new Arena map featuring a Forerunner facility.

Breaker is the other map, featuring a Banished shipbreaking facility with a slight desert theme to it. It is one of the biggest maps in Halo Infinite and allows players to traverse through roads, walkways, debris, and buildings. The highlight of the new map is the giant laser which can instantly anything to dust.

Halo Infinite Embraces Battle Royale

Last Guardian Standing is a new game mode that features a mix of battle royale and free for all combat. 12 players load into a map with five respawns each and a fixed loadout. Securing kills, assists, and experience points allows you to upgrade your loadout. There is a danger zone that constantly closes in on players to ensure the endgame is always exciting.

New Multiplayer Modes

King of the Hill is back with a new variant with two teams competing to secure a neutral hill. Once players earn a certain number of points, a new zone appears and the game just goes on until one team meets the winning tally. The mode is now more about capturing zones than relying on holding down zones and steamrolling opponents.

Land Grab is a different take on King of the Hill with three neutral zones spawning on a map and teams being tasked with capturing as many zones as possible. Once all three zones are captured, the zones reset and a new set of zones spawn.

The Rumble Pit playlist and Rotating playlists have been tweaked and new Experimental modes have been added including Ninja Slayer, Vampireball, and Rocket Repulsors.

Events in Season 2

Here are all of the events that are coming to the game this season:

  • Interference narrative event: May 3-16
  • Alpha Pack narrative event: July 19 - August 1
  • Fracture: Entrenched recurring event: May 24-30

Fracture is a recurring event that will appear a total of six times during the season.

Other Changes

Forge is still in the works and 343 Industries has promised that a beta will be available later in the season. A new battle pass with the Lone Wolves theme is also available and players can complete the challenges at their own pace. It will continue to be available even after Season 2 ends. You will get access to Season 2 challenges even in future seasons and earn any cosmetics you missed out on.

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