Halo Infinite BTB Map Breakdown: Breaker

Halo Infinite BTB Map Breakdown: Breaker

Breaker is one of Halo Infinite’s newest maps which will be available very soon. The BTB map started out as a capture the flag (CTF) map and the devs wanted to create high tension moments around the laser beam area. 343 Industries is calling it one of its most ambitious maps ever. Here is a quick breakdown of the new map that players can experience in Season 2.

Breaker Map Design Overview

The new map is designed to embrace Halo’s signature PVP combat where territorial control is all that matters. The developers love mixing environmental hazards in the Halo sandbox and Breaker is no different. If you are someone who enjoys playing with snipers, the long sightlines in the center lane can be an important high-risk high-reward zone on the map.

Breaker is a “pseudo symmetric” BTB map that is set in the Banished scrapyard. The team bases are chunks of debris that is divided by the plasma cutting beam structure which is something players will constantly be wary of when playing on the map.

Moving Laser

There is a giant laser that will constantly move around the map and anything that gets in its path will be cut down. Players will need to be mindful of the laser when engaging in combat as being careless can lead to instant death.

The Death Pit

The most important feature of the map is the center area. There is a death pit that divides the map and each side has a ramp that players can use. Players will need to jump their Warthog over the pit to navigate because falling into the pit means you will instantly die. If you want to get creative, you can also use a Repulsor to jump across and catch enemies by surprise.

How to Dominate Big Team Battle in Breaker

If you want to dominate the battlefield in Big Team Battle, you have to be very careful when playing on the Breaker map. The moving laser and the pit of death in the middle can be extremely dangerous if you do not position yourself properly. Familiarizing yourself with the map is the biggest advantage you can give yourself when Season 2 launches.

Owing to the size of Breaker, it can be tempting to just hold a spot and catch unsuspecting enemies walking into you. But you should be on your toes and find vantage points where you can keep an eye on incoming enemies and also watch out for the moving laser.

The radar is your best friend and you should take advantage of it. Unlike a lot of other FPS titles, Halo allows you to spot nearby enemies even if they are behind walls as long as they are not standing still or crouching. Use the information available to your advantage and mark enemies for your teammates to take enemies out in groups.

Stay close to your teammates and don’t try to pull off any unnecessary heroics and you will have the edge in Big Team Battle once Season 2 launches with Breaker.

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