Halo Infinite Arena Map Breakdown: Catalyst

Halo Infinite Arena Map Breakdown: Catalyst

In addition to the seasonal content coming with Halo Infinite’s Lone Wolves update, there are two new maps coming to the game as well. 343 Industries’ Tyler Ensrude gave the player base a first glance at Breaker and Catalyst, which are the two maps that are being added in Season 2. Catalyst is an Arena map that a lot of players will be excited about because it draws inspiration from classic Halo maps.

Halo Infinite Catalyst Map Breakdown

Catalyst was designed keeping in mind the kind of experiences players expect from Halo Infinite. The aesthetics, layout, design, and gameplay on Catalyst is expected to be similar to other symmetric maps that the Halo franchise has seen over the years.

The new arena map is nested high up inside the expansive, tunnel-like Forerunner structure. Players will find waterfalls that are present around the suspended catwalks. The futuristic aesthetic is starkly different from Season 2’s other map ‘Breaker’. There are overgrown cathedral walls that truly highlight how large the structures in Breakdown are. There is also a light bridge connecting the sides of the map together.

Catalyst is reminiscent of Coliseum from Halo 5 and Epitaph from Halo 3 which are two of the fan-favorite maps from the game. While the map was inspired by existing maps in the Halo franchise, it does have a lot of design elements that set it apart.

Catalyst was meant to be a Capture The Flag map but the devs realized that it had a lot of potential for the new Land Grab mode. It is one of the largest arena maps ever made which opens up the opportunity to use medium and long-range weapons effectively unlike some of the much smaller maps in Halo Infinite.

How to Dominate Catalyst in Halo Infinite

Arena modes require you to make use of your surroundings and position yourself for victory. Here are some quick tips to help you master Catalyst in Halo Infinite.

Learn the Map

The first thing you should do is learn the layout of the map. Since the map is symmetrical, you should have an easier time identifying all the locations and finding out the best places to position yourself in.

Use Power Weapons

You should always keep an eye out for power weapons and get your hands on them before the enemy does. The spawns are random and you should keep an eye out on all known spawn locations to get your hands on an Energy Sword or Gravity Hammer.

Use Grenades

A lot of players rely too much on weapons and forget to use their ordinances. Use grenades when there are multiple enemies clustered together or when your enemy goes behind a corner to reload. It will flush them out and allow you to push into them.

Communication is Key

Whenever you jump into a new map, it is possible that you or your teammates are not fully accustomed to the map. Being active on voice chat and talking to your teammates will give you the most odds of victory and you should work as a team to win in the new Land Grab mode in Season 2.

Unlike King of the Hill, Land Grab requires a lot more teamwork and learning Catalyst’s layout will help you secure wins in the Arena.

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