Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship Recap

Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship Recap

After a packed weekend with 32 of the best TFT players in the world, the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship concluded with a victory from China's LiLuo. They won the tournament after a 1st place finish with an 8 Bodyguard comp which was possible due to rolling the Bodyguard Heart augment alongside a Bodyguard emblem early on.


The tournament took place over 3 days with the top 32 players across 8 regions having to play 6 games with the lobbies being reseeded after 3 games during the first day. The top 16 players advanced to the second day of the tournament where they had to play 6 games once again with the top 8 players advancing to the final day. During the last day, the top 8 players played in a checkmate format until a player reached 18 points alongside a 1st place finish to be declared the victor of the World Championship. The number of points given for each game was from 1 to 8, which was indirectly proportional to the placement with the first place awarding the maximum number of points of 8, while the last place awarded 1 point.

First day of the Championship

The first day was brutal for the Japanese region, who were eliminated after both representatives had poor showings during the debut of the tournament. EMEA and China also suffered heavy losses after 3 players from each region failed to reach the top 16 required to qualify for the second day. Striker and Scrap builds were contested by most players during every lobby due to how powerful the composition was on the Worlds patch. China's Kuangluan had the most amount of points at 39 after consistent top 3 finishes throughout the first day of the tournament.

Second day of the Championship

Brazil and EMEA were eliminated after the second day of the tournament with Striker and Scrap builds maintaining huge popularity across all competitors. China's LiLou had the most amount of points at 37 after a strong performance throughout the day. Kuangluan, who dominated during the first day was eliminated at 28 points and failed to advance to the final day of the championship.

Third and final day of the Championship

Five regions reached the third and final day of the World Championship with Korea, North America, and China having 2 representatives each while OCE and LAN had one representative. During the first two games, the Chinese region dominated the lobbies with both players securing a first-place finish. While both Chinese players reached the check position at the same time, LiLuo was able to secure the first-place finish first instead of LiuLi after a powerful showing with an 8 Bodyguard comp, securing the title of a World Champion and a share of the lion's prize pool.

This tournament marked the end of the competitive play for the current set with the next set being planned to be shipped next month.

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