First Look: Uncharted Realms

First Look: Uncharted Realms

The mid-set of Dragonlands is finally coming to TFT in Patch 12.17 on September 8. There are system changes, new units, traits, and augments. The final numbers for units and traits are still being updated by Riot after continuous feedback given by the community.


The biggest change to systems in the mid-set is the update to the Treasure Dragon. There will be two additional types of treasure dragons that might spawn to increase variance in the game, each with its own unique offerings. The Chaos Treasure Dragon will have highly variable loot offerings with each roll. They will all be high in value with no clear theme in mind. The Order Dragon is centered around giving the player a Radiant item to power up their team. This dragon will contain similar options to the original Treasure Dragon, but be way more powerful with the inclusion of a Radiant item.

As for the Augment system, it underwent some small changes with under-picked Augments receiving some buffs to make them more attractive, while other picks which didn't hit the mark at all got removed in favor of new choices.


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Going into the Uncharted Realms, the Revel, Legend, and Trainer traits were removed from the game. Astral and Dragon were reworked and 4 new traits in Darkflight, Lagoon, Monolith, and Prodigy were added to the game.

  • Darkflight - The unit in the Darkflight hex is sacrificed at the start of combat, granting a copy of a random item they have to each Darkflight champion, and bonus health to each. Emblems and non-craftable items are corrupted when they’re copied, instead becoming Darkflight Essence.
  • Lagoon - Lagoon units gain bonus Ability Power and Attack Speed. A Seastone appears on the board that grants loot as Lagoon units cast Abilities over time.
  • Monolith - Monoliths create 3 hexes on the battlefield. Units standing in the hex at the start of combat gain 15% damage reduction.
  • Prodigy - Nomsy gains a random trait each game. She summons a former Trainer to aid her in battle, who also gains this trait.


Going into the Uncharted Realms, 24 units were removed. Instead of them, 18 new units were added with various combinations of traits from the new and old ones. One of the biggest changes in the mid-set for units is the rework of the dragon trait and rebalancing of all dragon units to make compositions with multiple dragons an easy goal to achieve. Dragons will now require 2 team slots and provide +3 to the marked trait, and gain additional bonuses based on how many Dragons are on your team. The newly added Dragons in the mid-set are:

  • Nomsy, 6 cost (Prodigy Dragon Mage / Cannoneer / Evoker)
  • Zippy, 6 cost (Guild Dragon)
  • Sohm, 7 cost (Lagoon Mage Dragon)
  • Swain, Dragon Tyrant, 7 gold (Darkflight Dragon)
  • Terra, 8 cost (Monolith Dragon)

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