First Look: Dragonlands

First Look: Dragonlands

Set 7 is finally coming to TFT in Patch 12.11 and most information related to it was recently revealed by Riot in a blog post. While some systems from the current set will be left mostly untouched going into Dragonlands, other systems went through significant changes to make them more interesting to the players.


Augments will remain as a system in the Dragonlands set with Riot praising its success for its high variance in keeping games fresh and fun. There are a couple of notable changes to make this system more interesting, most notably a reroll function being added to the game. It can be used once to reroll all options at any point in the game. At the same time, most Augments will be changed to bring their power level closer to each other to avoid extreme cases where one Augment can completely win someone the game.

There will be plenty of new Augments to allow for new playstyles such as:

  • Cluttered Mind - If your bench is full at the end of a round, gain 5 experience points.
  • Gadget Expert - Items deal much more damage as true damage. Gain a Statikk Shiv.
  • Pandora’s Bench - At the start of every turn, champions in your 3 rightmost bench slots transform into random champions of the same cost. As a note, since Dragons have unique costs, they will always reroll to other Dragons.
  • Cruel Pact - Buying XP costs Health instead of gold.

Instead of the usual Raptor round on stage 4-7, a new Treasure Dragons appears on the map. You will be given a choice of taking 5 item components free of charge or rerolling for one gold until you encounter the item components for your composition. This directly increases player agency since if you have saved a bit of gold, you can reroll until you get the required components.


Image via Riot Games

Going into Dragonlands, only the Assassin and Bruiser traits remained from the current set. There will be 14 Origin traits and 14 Class traits in the next set. While some traits give only bonus stats for each breakpoint, others can completely define the way you play.

Scalescorn allows you to build a composition without the primary units of Dragonlands by giving you bonus magic damage and taking reduced damage from champions if you don't have a Dragon on your team.

Dragonmancer allows you to choose a unit that will gain increased health and ability power, which can increase additional for each breakpoint and star level of your Dragonmancer units.

Jade gives the ability to summon statues that grow in power and explode on death for 50% of their health as magic damage to nearby enemies.


Dragons are the primary unit of Dragonlands. These units require two unit slots, but they contribute three towards their Origin trait count. They will also cost double the cost of the rarity tier (ex. 5 cost Dragon will cost 10 gold). Due to the fact that they need two unit slots, they'll have a high health pool to make up for it. All this power is directly tied to the trait of having one Dragon so if you plan on stacking up more of them, you'll lose some benefits unless you encounter some Augments to remove that restriction.  

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