Ezreal and Karma - Champion Synergy

Ezreal and Karma - Champion Synergy

Ezreal and Karma synergise excellently in the bot lane, utilising their multiple poke tools to chip away at the enemy and take control of the lane.


During the early laning phase, Ezreal should focus on farming and poking away at the enemy as much as possible with his Q. Mystic Shot has a pretty low mana cost and cooldown (which is reduced further if you hit an enemy), meaning you are able to spam it pretty consistently in lane. Ezreal’s Q damage can be increased by landing a W on the enemy, which will also grant some mana back.

Considering W can also be procced by using E to move toward the target, Ezreal has pretty decent all-in potential as his attack speed will also be increased from his passive. However, it’s generally best to save your E to escape from the enemy bot lane or an incoming jungle gank. Given how much you’ll be spamming your Q as Ezreal, it’s important to buy Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Karma deals a great amount of poke damage with her Q and Mantra-empowered Q. In the laning phase, you will mostly be using Mantra to empower your Q for the increased damage and AoE slow. Karma’s passive reduces the cooldown of Mantra every time you damage an enemy with an ability, meaning you’ll be able to get off more Mantras the more aggressive your laning phase is. Karma’s W should be used after you’ve slowed an enemy with your Q, and you should attempt to keep the tether connected in order to CC the enemy or force them to Flash away. A Mantra-empowered W can also be used to get out of tricky situations thanks to the heal it provides.


The combination of Ezreal and Karma’s poke damage can be incredibly oppressive in lane, as their long ranges means they can poke without taking damage back. Landing Karma’s Q slows the target, making it easier for Ezreal to land his Q as a follow up. Karma can also use her E on Ezreal whenever he all-ins, as the shield will protect him and the increased movement speed will allow him to chase further.

Once the laning phase is over and Ezreal has accumulated a few items, he is able to play more aggressively by Eing forward to damage the enemies. Furthermore, Karma’s Mantra-E becomes much more valuable as you can speed up the entire team and grant them a strong shield. Though Ezreal’s E means he has more escape tools than other ADCs, he still may need peel from Karma using her E and W.

Runes and Items

First Strike is a great Keystone on Ezreal, as his long range means he can proc it often to increase his damage and generate more gold. Ezreal burns through a lot of mana as he is constantly spamming his abilities to poke at the enemy, so runes like Biscuit Delivery and Presence of Mind help mitigate this issue. Unlike most champions, Ezreal doesn’t prioritise his mythic as the AD mana items (Essence Reaver and Manamune) are superior. Instead, he’ll build Crown of the Shattered Queen after completing Essence Reaver and Manamune for an additional layer of protection and the AP, as his abilities have pretty good AP scaling.

Karma’s Keystone is pretty flexible. She can take Arcane Comet for the increased poke damage, Guardian for another layer of protection for your team, or Summon Aery for a balance between the two. If playing with an Ezreal, Arcane Comet is usually the best choice given how much poke damage the two can produce. Karma’s Mythic is equally as flexible, as she can take Shurelya’s Battlesong to make her E provide even more movement speed, or Moonstone Renewer for the sustainable healing.


Ezreal and Karma make for a great bot lane duo, as their poke can win lanes and they scale fantastically into the later stages of the game.

-Rilea (Twitter)

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