Dragonlands Set Overview

Dragonlands Set Overview

Dragonlands, the latest TFT set, brings in new units, traits, and an enhanced augment system with more impactful and interesting choices with the main focus being dragons.

The lore behind Dragonlands

According to Riot's dev post, Dragonlands are an archipelago, where each island hosts different biomes, critters, dragons, and champions. Expect to encounter different types of dragons from diverse regions, all with their unique traits and abilities. Outside of dragons, expect to encounter tribes who drove dragons out of their homes and have their own set of unique powers to rival the majestic beasts.

Dragon units

The Dragon units of the latest set have the Dragon unique trait. They count as two units in the army, have bonus health, are double the cost of their rarity tier, count for triple their trait bonus, and have powerful abilities. One of the powerful dragons a player can encounter in the following set is Shyvana.

She will be a Tier 5, 10-cost Ragewing Shapeshifter who starts in human form on the battlefield. She will have a passive to generate the fury resource needed to transform into her ultimate form. Once she starts transforming, she will land on the battlefield and unleash a divebomb that deals massive magic damage and stuns enemy units. Once she lands, she gets a new Flame Breath ability that will deal damage in a cone, allowing you to melt entire teams with ease.


Shimmerscale is a new trait in Dragonlands, that grants the player the use of exclusive gold-powered Shimmerscale items. Higher tiers 3/5/7/9 unlock more items, and the order the items are granted changes every game. One of the seven items granted by this trait is Goldmancer's Staff. The item's ability is: Gain 1 Ability Power per gold in your bank (up to 80) and a 40% chance to drop 2 gold on enemy kill.

The premise behind these items according to Riot is to reward those who like to hoard gold by giving them incentives with these unique items that can only be obtained via the Shimmerscale trait. One of the Dragon units that can allow you to acquire these items without having other Shimmerscale traits is Idas, the Tier 4, 8-cost, Dragon, Guardian, Shimmerscale. Just by fielding him on the board, you'll get access to 3 Shimmerscale, giving you access to one of the seven powerful items.


One of the traits from set 6.5 brought forward is the Mirage trait (known as Mutant in set 6.5). This high-variance trait will rotate between one of the seven different traits available:

  • Electric Overload: Attacking or being hit by an attack has a chance (increasing at trait breakpoints) to deal a percentage of maximum health magic damage to adjacent enemies.
  • Warlord’s Honor: Mirage units have bonus Health and Ability Power increasing at trait breakpoints. Each victorious combat they participate in increases the bonus by 10%, stacking up to 5 times
  • Dawnbringer’s Determination: The first time Mirage units drop below 50% health, they rapidly heal for a portion of their maximum health, increasing at trait breakpoints.
  • Duelist’s Dexterity: Duelists gain bonus Move Speed. Duelists' attacks grant stacking Attack Speed increasing at trait breakpoints. up to 8 stacks.
  • Spellsword’s Enchantment: Each player combat, Mirage units gain Ability Power per attack that increases at trait breakpoints.
  • Executioner’s Edge: Mirage units attacks and spells critically strike units below a health threshold that increases at trait breakpoints.
  • Pirate’s Greed: After each player combat, gain a treasure chest that contains gold and sometimes other loot.

Dragonlands Pass

Players will be able to earn various rewards such as Little Legend eggs and emotes just by playing, however, if anyone wants additional goodies, they'll have to acquire the Pass+. Just by unlocking it, players will receive an exclusive Little Legend—Egg Sprite. By leveling the Pass+, players can also earn exclusive booms and arenas.

Dragonlands arrives with Patch 12.11 with the ranked rewards for the 6.5 set being distributed throughout the release patch. If the Dragonlands set follows the same timeline as the previous ones, fans can expect the 7.5 set to arrive in around three to four months.

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