Common Strategies of TFT

Common Strategies of TFT

One of the most important skills to learn in TFT is being able to manage your economy. Different compositions excel by applying different strategies and if you fail to follow them, you'll end up with a lackluster composition and no gold on top of that. If you manage your economy well, you'll be able to climb consistently regardless of what units you're finding in your shop or what item drops you're getting.

General understanding of the economy in TFT

You begin the game with 0 gold and will gain increasing gold from 2 to 5 per round as the game progresses through the first four rounds to build your early board, and then 5 gold per round onwards. If you save your gold, you'll gain interest. Once you have 10 gold you'll gain 1 interest at the end of the round and for each 10 gold increment, you'll gain an additional 1 gold until a maximum interest of 5 gold per round. You can sell units during the round to reach the required threshold for additional interest.

Outside of the default gold generated per round and additional gold from interest, you can also generate additional gold for win or lose streaks, up to 3 extra gold:

2 to 3 win or lose streak - 1 additional gold,

4 win or lose streak - 2 additional gold,

5 and more win or lose streak - 3 additional gold.

Economy management in TFT

Overall there are three types of economy management in the game: balanced, aggresive, and greedy. The first one focuses on a good balance between going aggresive and being greedy depending on the board. In some rounds you want to roll most of your excess gold while in others you want to save up for some interest to have a stronger late game.

The second one is focused on using your gold early on to try to land a great composition to get going with a win streak and demolish your opponents before they can build a proper board. The last one is used to mostly to build late game compositions with high cost units by saving up most of your gold early on and losing your tactician's health as a payment. These three types of economy management sit at the base of various strategies in the game that can lead you to a victory.

Common strategies in TFT

There are four types of strategies based on the type of economy management you have chosen. These are:

· Standard

· Slow rolling

· Fast 8

· Hyper rolling

With the Standard strategy, your main goal should be to build a composition based on your early units and pick up units you see in your shop to empower that composition. The main carry in this composition will be a high cost unit that will round up your composition, be it a ranged carry, mage, tank, or enchanter. You should avoid leveling up too quickly or wasting all your gold on rerolls and instead aim between a balance of the two.

With the Slow rolling strategy, you want to accumulate 50 gold before rolling your excess gold to upgrade your units to 2 or 3 stars to make them stronger. This tactic is used best for compositions where your primary cost is a low cost unit, allowing you to win early rounds while you use this greedy strategy to accumulate gold.

With the Fast 8 strategy, you want to use your gold early on to quickly level up and reach level 8 early in Stage 4 to find high cost units before your opponents and build a powerful composition from there. This tactic is usually viable when there are powerful high cost units that can easily carry the game with the proper items.

With the Hyper rolling strategy, your main goal should be using all your gold to upgrade your low cost units to 3 stars. This tactic is best used when there are powerful compositions with a low cost unit as the primary carry. The only downside is that these units are usually accesible to everyone early on and you might not be able to get your desired 3 star unit if your opponents have some of them early on.

End note

Every player has their own preference on which tactic they prefer to play with, however, one thing to keep in mind is that some compositions only excel with some specific strategies. You can't aim to build a late game composition with high cost units if you use the Hyper rolling strategy to upgrade your units early on. Every composition has specific strategies which you should use to make the best out of them and therefore it's important to have a clear plan in the first couple of rounds of the game.

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