Champion Synergy: Miss Fortune and Leona

November 3, 2021

Champion Synergy - Miss Fortune and Leona

Leona and Miss Fortune have emerged as two of the best picks in the Worlds meta, and make for a fantastic pair in the bot lane; let’s break down this powerful duo and how to utilise them in your own games.

Laning Phase

Miss Fortune is a fairly easy champion to last hit minions with, as her passive (Love Tap) increases the damage of her basic attacks and is refreshed every time she hits a different target, meaning Miss Fortune can deal a lot of damage if you are constantly hitting different minions. This can also deal good poke damage to the enemy bot lane, so it’s important to weave in a single auto attack whenever it’s safe to do so.

Double Up (Q) is another important ability to utilise during the laning phase, as you should aim to use it on minions that are just in front of the enemy bot lane to damage them with its bounce effect. The bounce damage will always crit if you kill a target with the first shot, so it’s even better if you use it to last hit a minion that is standing just in front of an enemy.

Leona’s role in the lane is pretty simple: root the enemy bot lane with your E (Zenith Blade), proc your W (Eclipse) to decrease the damage you take, then stun them with your Q (Shield of Daybreak). Once a target has been locked down, Miss Fortune should follow up with her auto attacks and Q but can also use her E (Make It Rain) to keep the target CCd for longer or to help catch them out for a Leona combo.

Mid to Late Game

The true power of this duo comes online once they have unlocked their ultimates, as Leona’s long range CC from her Solar Flare locks down a target for Miss Fortune to shred through with her Bullet Time:

As the Leona, your role in team fights will differ depending on the state of the game. If you are against a lot of back-line assassins that are looking to blow up your squishy carries, you want to stay close in order to protect them using your various forms of CC. If your team is ahead or you are the only form of engage on your team, you want to be on the front line looking for engages with your ultimate or E/Q combo.

Meanwhile, Miss Fortune will be looking for the perfect opportunity to shred through a clumped up enemy team with her ultimate, and use the increased movement speed provided by her W (Strut) to dodge or skillshots or evade incoming threats. Her ultimate and E can be used as great zoning tools to deter enemies away from moving toward an objective, or to deal large amounts of damage if they are in a choke point. 

Runes and Items

Leona’s runes are pretty standard for a tanky support, opting for Aftershock to make her even more tanky after she uses her E/Q combo. Locket of the Iron Solari makes Leona even more durable and provides a helpful AoE shield for allies, while Knight’s Vow can be used for another layer of protection for a vulnerable carry. Mobility Boots are a great choice on Leona to increase the effectiveness of her powerful roams, Anathema’s Chains can counter a fed enemy carry, and Thornmail provides Grievous Wounds to limit the enemy’s healing and more durability.

Meanwhile, Miss Fortune’s options are much more diverse. Arcane Comet increases her poke damage in the laning phase with her E and allows Miss Fortune to take Manaflow Band to mitigate the mana nerfs she received in the patch 11.21. Press The Attack is another viable option considering it procs from Double Up. Her item build is also quite flexible, as she can opt for Kraken Slayer to synergise with Press The Attack, Galeforce for the extra mobility, or a Lethality-focused build with Eclipse.


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