Challenges Overview, League's New Achievement System

Challenges Overview, League's New Achievement System

Despite being one of the most popular games in the world, it’s taken over 12 years for League to introduce an achievement system. Challenges will be introduced in patch 12.9 and give players the opportunity to accomplish feats outside of a high solo queue rank, so let’s go over the biggest features.

Categories and points

Completing challenges awards you points, which upgrade your challenge rank all the way from Iron to Challenger. There are 5 different categories of challenges:

  • Imagination - for innovative and unique plays (e.g. killing 20 minions in 3 seconds)
  • Expertise - for dominating your opponent (e.g. winning games without dying)
  • Teamwork & Strategy - for working together with your team (e.g. claiming dragon souls)
  • Veterancy - for accumulating big numbers across various stats (e.g. getting penta kills)
  • Collection - for collecting cosmetic items (e.g. obtaining summoner icons)

There is also a Legacy category that won’t contribute to your overall progression, and will celebrate achievements from limited-time events and past seasons.

Tokens and Profile Customisation

You’ll be able to show off all your completed challenges in a variety of ways. Each challenge has a token associated with it, which is similar to a summoner icon. You’ll be able to display 3 tokens on your lobby banner and loading screen player card, which you can select to highlight your proudest achievements. You will also earn titles for completing some challenges, which will be displayed just below your tokens.

End of game scoreboards

The end of game scoreboard will receive a drastic overhaul once challenges go live. Most notably, the scoreboard has been split into two screens: one for personal progression, and another for end of game statistics.

The person progression screen will cover:

  • XP and Mastery points gained
  • LP gained/lost
  • Honours received
  • Challenges and Eternals completed, brought close to levelling up, or had a standout performance on

The leaderboard screen will also be expanded to include more information, such as your lane, damage taken, healing/shielding done, CC score, and which challenge each player contributed to the most.


Challenges will be an exciting and dynamic addition to League, allowing players to strive for progression outside of a solo queue rank. Eternals have struggled to feel meaningful and worthwhile ever since their debut, but challenges seem to be very sophisticated system that will make up for some of Eternals’ shortcomings.

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