Caitlyn and Morgana - Deadly Champion Synergy

Caitlyn and Morgana - Deadly Champion Synergy

Between their poke damage and lethal CC chain, Caitlyn and Morgana make for a great bot/support duo; let’s break it down.


Caitlyn is one of the best bot laners in the early game, as her long auto attack range allows her to out-range her opponents and poke without taking any damage back. It’s important to take advantage of this early power spike by weaving in as many basic attacks whenever it’s safe; this can whittle down the enemy and push them back under the tower.

This early game damage is further enhanced by her passive, which increases her basic attack damage every so often. One stack is generated per basic attack, and once 6 stacks have been accumulated, Caitlyn’s next basic attack is enhanced. It’s important to keep track of how many stacks you’re at, and use your enhanced basic attack on the enemy bot lane. Additionally, you can proc the passive more often by basic attacking

Her Q (Piltover Peacemaker) is another valuable poke tool, and can be used to push minion waves and damage enemies. The range expands after damaging the first enemy, so it can catch opponents off guard by using it on a minion wave an enemy is hiding behind.

Meanwhile, Morgana’s Q (Dark Binding) is a very useful engage tool. Its long range allows Morgana to engage safely from afar, while the snare duration scales with each ability level and is deceptively long.

Black Shield (E) is one of the best defensive abilities in the game, as it nullifies all spell effects for its duration. This can be a game changing spell when used correctly, rendering the enemies’ ultimates useless and saving your allies from getting picked off with engage tools.

Mastering this spell requires excellent timing, understanding of when and how enemies will be using their most important abilities, and knowing which one of your allies needs the most protection.


Caitlyn and Morgana's have great synergy thanks to their excellent CC chain. Every time Morgana can land a binding on the enemy, Caitlyn can immediately follow up with her W on the rooted target. This will extend the CC chain and keep the enemy trapped for longer.

While the enemy is CCd, Caitlyn is free to land basic attacks and a Q on the target (if it's available). Additionally, if you can land the trap, this will automatically proc her passive for an enhanced basic attack. Morgana can also use her W, though it costs a lot of mana so should mostly be used if the enemy is in kill range.

During team-fights, Morgana should be looking to engage with her Q or slow multiple enemies who are clumped together with a Flash+ult combo. Black Shield should be saved for your enemies' big engage tools, and can be used on your Caitlyn if she's being focused by multiple threats.


Given how much Caitlyn trades with her basic attacks, Fleet Footwork helps her sustain through these trades with heals. She is also quite mana hungry as her spells cost a fair amount of mana, but can easily proc Presence Of Mind to mitigate this issue thanks to her long range basic attacks. For her items, Caitlyn builds a standard AD build with items like Galeforce, Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon.

Arcane Comet is a great keystone for Morgana; it will always land on enemies snared by your Q, or can be procced with your W. Zhonya's Hourglass is a fantastic item for Morgana, as enemies will still be chained from her ult even when she's in stasis. Therefore, Perfect Timing is a critical rune to take. Morgana's focus on damage means keystones like Liandry's Anguish or Imperial Mandate are her best mythics.


Between their poke damage and incredible CC chain, Caitlyn and Morgana make for a great bot lane duo. Once one of them lands a root, the other can immediately follow up to shred through the enemy and win the lane.

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