Caitlyn and Lux - Champion Synergy

Caitlyn and Lux - Champion Synergy

This bot lane duo is all about whittling away at enemies with your poke, before finishing them off with a powerful CC chain; let’s break it down.


Caitlyn and Lux have one of the strongest laning phases in the bot lane, as they have great poke damage, zone control, and CC chains. Considering Caitlyn has the highest basic attack range out of any ADC, she can poke enemies from afar with her basic attacks without taking much damage in return. Her Q is great for pushing waves and can simultaneously damage the enemy, as its range widens after hitting a target so it can hit enemies who are hiding behind the minion wave.

Support Lux is all about using her E to poke enemies or to zone them away from minion waves. Once an enemy has been slowed by her E, she can land a basic attack more easily to proc her passive. Lux’s W should be saved for when the enemy bot lane is damaging you or you’re being ganked by the enemy jungler; it shields you and your allies twice, once while it’s outgoing and once when it’s returning.


The reason this duo is so strong is due to their CC chain. Lux’s Q is a relatively fast and easy skillshot to land, and roots enemies for two seconds. Once they’ve been rooted, Caitlyn should immediately use her W on the rooted target so they will be rooted again once the first root has ended. Not only does this keep the target locked down, but it procs Caitlyn’s Headshot passive for an empowered basic attack.

After landing the headshot, Caitlyn should use her E on the target for another Headshot. If your Q is available, you should also cast your Q at the enemy as it deals 100% damage to enemies revealed by her W. Meanwhile, Lux should cast her E toward the rooted target while weaving in basic attacks to proc her passive. If you have your ultimate available, you should cast that first as it deals more damage than her E.

This combo is incredibly strong and can usually take down any ADC or squishy support.

Items and Runes

Caitlyn will always build a standard ADC build, with items like Galeforce, Infinity Edge and Rapidfire Cannon. Fleet Footwork is a great keystone for Caitlyn, as it provides sustain to make the laning phase even stronger and is very easy to proc on an enemy thanks to her basic attack range.

Lux’s build is a little more flexible, but will generally be focus on poke items like Spellthief’s Edge, Luden’s Tempest, and Horizon Focus. Alternatively, if your team is quite squishy, you can try a more defensive build with items like Moonstone Renewer and Redemption. For Lux’s keystone, Arcane Comet or Summon Aery are both great choices to maximise your poke damage, along with runes like Scorch and Cheap Shot.


Caitlyn and Lux’s innate pushing power and devastating CC chain makes them an extremely effective bot lane duo. The combo is quite easy to land, and even landing a couple early on in the game can win you the entire laning phase.

-Rilea (Twitter)

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