Breeze Map Guide: Compositions and Strategies

Breeze Map Guide: Compositions and Strategies

Valorant's map number six, Breeze, was released back in Episode 2 Act 3. Breeze is set on the beach somewhere along the Caribbean coast near the Bermuda Triangle.

Although looking like it should give out chill beach vibes, Breeze is bringing rage to the Valorant players more often than not.

Unlike Fracture, Breeze is exceptionally open and spacious and calls for long-range fights. It is time for you to polish your Operator skills since you will definitely need them when playing Breeze.

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Map Overview

As already mentioned, Breeze is huge. It has two very wide open bomb sites and even bigger and more open Mid area.

Mid is a crucial segment of Breeze, as gaining Mid control gives Attackers extra entrances to the sites. Without it, they have only a single pathway to each site, either through A Cave or B main.

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The map is filled with long-range sightlines in all areas, so using an Operator and Marshall is of the utmost importance. Sito-to-site rotations are very long and take a lot of time, especially if you don't have Mid control.

Since the map is so huge, Breeze is one of Valorant's maps that is mostly Attacker-oriented. It is difficult for Defenders to hold down such large sites with so many attacking points.

Attacking on Breeze

Since Mid is so important on Breeze, it is the main focus when attacking. Most of the pro teams will constantly apply pressure toward Mid. Due to the map layout, Mid opens more corridors to both sites, making the Defenders' job even more challenging.

Breeze is one of the easiest maps for the Attackers in Valorant, but only if done properly. It is very important to constantly watch the flanks, either with a player or with utility. The map is enormous, and there are many pathways for Defender flanks.

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You can use A Halls to put pressure on the A site and advance without expending much utility. That space also gives you access to Mid Chute, which allows fast rotations to Mid and B site.

Usually, Attacking A is the go-to strategy as you already want to contest A Halls or Mid Doors. It will put Defenders in a position where it will be hard for them to contest those areas alongside A Main.

Use Initiator utility such as Sova's drone and/or KAY/O knife, Skye dog, etc., to clear as many corners on site. Then have your Duelist lead the way on the site, but always make sure to communicate your plan to your teammates.

Attacking B can be very tricky if you don't have Mid control and access to Elbow and Tunnel, as your only entrance remains through a dangerous chokepoint from B main. Also, you need to be careful of the enemy Viper that is likely holding down the entrance with her utility.

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On postplants, you want to play for the Spike and not take solo fights. Always try to preserve as much utility as possible for the postplants, and take the areas you control to your advantage by holding angles for enemy rotations and creating crossfires.

Defending on Breeze

Since Mid area is crucial on Breeze, but very hard to contest for the defenders, many pro teams like to play for heavy pressure on mid, leaving the site entrances held down by utility.

Since it is often tough to stop the Attackers from planting the Spike, you want to put your team in the best position for the retakes. Having Mid control will force the enemy to go through a chokepoint and open more avenues for your retake.

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Since retaking is very similar to Attacking, you want to use all the advantages Attackers had before they planted the Spike.

Teams usually play Viper on B site, as her utility is perfect on splitting a massive site with her wall, as well as holding the entrance from B Main with her molly and smoke.

Agents and Team Compositions

Breeze usually doesn't have many variations in team compositions in pro play. The map is designed for Agents with long-range utility or covering a lot of space very quickly.

When it comes to Duelists, Jett has been dominating the meta since Breeze was released. Her mobility and proficiency in using the Operator make her the prime choice for the primary Duelist.

As already mentioned, Viper is dominating the Controller role when it comes to Breeze. Her versatility makes her irreplaceable, as her wall is super impactful when playing on such huge bomb sites.

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The Sentinel role has been dominated by Chamber, like almost all maps in 2022. However, with the upcoming nerfs to Chamber, we might see an increase in play in other Sentinels, especially Cypher, whose cams and tripwires have a lot of value on Breeze.

Finally, the Initiator role is usually the one you double up on Breeze. Sova usually takes the spot of a primary Initiator since his range is unmatched and very important on a large map. Besides him, KAY/O and Skye seem the best options as their kits work very well with Sova.

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