Best TFT Compositions for Patch 12.8

Best TFT Compositions for Patch 12.8

The latest patch had a lower amount of changes compared to Patch 12.7 which had significant updates to various Augments. There were several buffs to underperforming traits and a couple of nerfs to outliers who were dominating the meta. Here are the five best compositions in Patch 12.8:

  • 2 Bodyguard, 2 Colossus
  • 2 Bruiser, 5 Chemtech
  • 8 Arcanist, 2 Scrap
  • 5 Innovator, 3 Enforcer
  • 5 Syndicate, 2 Bodyguard

2 Bodyguard, 2 Colossus

Key units: Blitzcrank, Galio, Alistar

Key items: B.F. Sword, Tear of the Goddess, Sparring Gloves, Needlessly Large Rod (aim to create Spear of Shojin, Infinity Edge, and Jeweled Gauntlet)

Key augments: Armor Plating, Bodyguard Crown

This composition focuses on building a strong economy early on and focusing on picking up the required items for a hyper carry later on such as Jinx or Viktor. Your equipped hyper-carry will start taking over the game while the opponent's units will be taunted by your Bodyguards and blocked by your Colossus.

The plan early on should be on just picking up the item components listed above and funnel them onto a low-cost unit such as Syndra or Talon before you are able to access your higher-cost key units. The main tactic used is 'Fast 8' for this composition, with the aim to quickly reach level 8 and pick up your key units to build an unbreakable frontline for your carries.

2 Bruiser, 5 Chemtech

Key units: Vi, Zac, Renata Glasc, Viktor

Key items: Tear of the Goddess, B.F. Sword, Needlessly Large Rod, Giant's Belt (aim to create Blue Buff, Morellonomicon, Hextech Gunblade, and Spear of Shojin)

Key augments: Chemtech Crown, Cybernetic Implants

This composition gives you access to a beefy frontline with their Bruiser origin while also giving a bit of health to your squishier units from the backline. While early on your bruiser units should be enough to withstand most compositions, you should also try to look for other synergies until you find your Chemtech units from the higher tiers.

The plan early on should be either to pick up early bruisers or look for various item components which your primary carries of Renata and Viktor could use later on. Funnel the ability-power items on mage units you encounter until you get access to the higher-cost key units and then funnel all the powerful items onto them. The main tactic used is 'Standard' for this composition, with the aim of spending gold to level up properly through stages while also rolling through rounds when you need another unit to upgrade them to the next rank.

8 Arcanist, 2 Scrap

Key units: Vex, Jinx, Viktor

Key items: Bramble Vest, Negatron Cloak, Needlessly Large Rod, Spatula (Bramble Vest, Dragon's Claw, Arcanist Emblem)

Key augments: Arcanist Heart, Arcanist Crown

Arcanists are a pretty powerful composition that does not require a lot of planning. You just pick up Arcanists as you go every round while also hoping to get the key items to have an unkillable Vex to withstand all the damage from the opposing team. While the enemy will be busy dealing with Vex, your backline with key carries such as Jinx and Viktor should wipe them easily.

You should aim to pick up the low-cost Arcanist unit early on such as Ziggs, Swain, and Brand, and start building your composition around them. Try to pick up Vex whenever you see her and start funneling the tank items onto her to have a good frontline going into the midgame. The main tactic used is 'Standard' for this composition as noted for previous compositions, ensuring a healthy balance between levels and scouting for units to upgrade them to a higher tier.

5 Innovator, 3 Enforcer

Key units: Caitlyn, Vi, Jayce, Ezreal, Seraphine, Zilean, Ekko

Key items: Tear of the Goddess, Sparring Gloves, B.F. Sword, Recurve Bow (aim to create Spear of Shojin, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper)

Key augments: Innovator Heart, Enforcer Heart

Enforcers get rid of the beefiest Unit from your opponent's composition and give your units 3 seconds to take down other key units from either the front or backline. Innovators will give you access to a Mechanical Scarab early on when you have 3 units and access to a Mechanical Bear later on when you have 5 units.

With four 1-3 cost units, building this composition is quite easy and gives you some flexibility on your 8th unit which can be flexed to be an additional carry or a beefy frontline. Funnel your items early on Ezreal since he will be your primary damage dealer in this composition in the backline. The main tactic used is 'Fast 8' for this composition to pick up the 4-5 cost units such as Vi, Jayce, and Seraphine before your opponents.

5 Syndicate, 2 Bodyguard

Key units: Braum, Darius, Ashe

Key items: Sparring Gloves, B.F. Sword, Recurve Bow (aim to create Rapid Firecannon, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper)

Key augments: Syndicate Crown, One For All

The 5 Syndicate trait provides a powerful boost in stats to all your Syndicate champions, allowing you to stand tall against the strongest compositions in the game even without a proper setup. Most units required for this composition are rarely contested, therefore you should have no issues rushing it if you see a lot of Syndicate units available early on.

The 2 Bodyguards in this composition pair up pretty nicely and provide a good frontline while your carries in the backline do a lot of damage unharmed. Funnel your item components onto Ashe as you pick them up to create the key items noted above. The main tactic used is 'Slow roll' for this composition, with the aim of rolling all excess gold to get 3-star units by level 6 or 7.

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