Bel'Veth Champion Guide

Bel'Veth Champion Guide

The newest champion to hit Summoner's Rift is a hyper scaling Jungler with a focus on attack speed; let's break down Bel'Veth.


Passive (Death In Lavender) - Bel'Veth gains permanent attack speed after taking down large monsters and champions. After using an ability, she gains temporary bonus attack speed. Bel'Veth can exceed the attack speed cap.

Q (Void Surge) - Bel'Veth dashes in a target direction and damages all enemies she passes through. Each dash direction has its own cooldown.

W (Above and Below) - Bel'Veth slams her tail to the ground, damaging, knocking up and slowing enemies hit.

E (Royal Maelstrom) - Bel'Veth roots herself in place, dealing damage to the lowest health enemy and granting her lifesteal and damage reduction.

Ultimate (Endless Banquet) - Passively, every second basic attack deals bonus true damage and applies a stack that increases this amount of true damage against the target. This stacks infinitely, but is capped at 5 against epic monsters. The stacks expire upon hitting another target.

Whenever Bel'Veth scores a takedown on a champion or epic monster, a Void Coral spawns from their corpse. Baron Nashor and the Rift Herald spawn an empowered Void Coral.

Active - Bel'Veth dashes to the Void Coral to consume it. This creates an explosion which deals true damage to all nearby enemies and slows them, and activates her true form for 60 seconds. While in her true form, Bel'Veth gains bonus health, attack speed, out of combat movement speed, and attack range. Void Surge can also be used to dash through terrain. Consuming a Void Coral heals Bel'Veth and refreshes the duration on her true form.

The empowered Void Coral extends the true form duration to 180 seconds and causes void remora to spawn from nearby minions that die.


Given how powerful Bel'Veth's ultimate is and how many of her abilities scale with attack speed, her early game isn't the best. Her ganks aren't particularly effective as her CC is pretty short range, so focus on power farming and generating passive stacks in the early game.

One of her strongest strategies is taking down the Rift Herald and claiming the empowered Void Coral. You can then immediately move to a lane while in her empowered true form, proc the Herald, and start to turn all nearby dead minions into Void Remora. Between the Herald and Remora, it's possible to take multiple turrets and take a huge lead in the early game.

Bel'Veth shines in extended team fights. Her reset potential is fantastic, using her ult to dash around the fight to heal and reset the duration on her true form. However, she is strongest when attacking a single target by generating ultimate stacks on the target, which reset upon switching targets. Therefore, it's important to identify the most important enemy to target and only focus on damaging them.


Considering how strong Bel'Veth is in skirmishes, Conqueror is a great keystone rune which you can stack quickly thanks to her rapid basic attacks. Legend: Alacrity will increase her attack speed even more, while Triumph will heal Bel'Veth every time she gets an all important takedown in a team fight.

Attack speed items are also great for Bel'Veth, such as Guinsoo's Rageblade and Wit's End. Bel'Veth will be basic attacking a lot in the game, so items with on-hit effects (such as Kraken Slayer and Blade of the Ruined King) are also great as you can proc their effects often.


Patience is key when playing Bel'Veth; you'll have to accept your weak early game before scaling into a late game powerhouse. If Bel'Veth can secure takedowns and focus her damage on a single target, she can become an unstoppable carry.

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